Diesel Rice Threshing Machine Model HJM 1000 PD

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08 Mar 2022
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Rice Machine

Specification of Diesel Rice Threshing Machine Model HJM 1000 PD

Model: HJM 1000 PD

Length: 1565 mm

Width: 1120 mm

Height: 1275 mm

Capacity: 1000 - 1200 Kg / h

Mover: Diesel 5.5 Hp R-175

Fuel: Diesel

Tool threshing rice seed. Threshing is an integral part of the process of post-harvest handling of rice, where the rice has been harvested knocked feasible to separate grains of rice straw. The working principle of this thresher is to hit the rice stalks (straw) so that the grains apart. In preparing many crops to be marketed, the seeds need to be separated from the stalk where it grew. All cereal crops with small seeds, the seeds must dipipil on the cob, peanut should be knocked or cut from the stem, and seed cotton should be separated from her hair.

To separate the seeds from the bonding material in plants is required types of different machines .. The amount of power is needed in the threser threshing rice is influenced by size. Fariable-fariable other influences such as grain weight, maturity, moisture content and power thresher s padi.Besarnya varieties (rice seed threshing machine) required in the process of threshing paddy affected by the size, shape and structure of the network on the grains to be threshed ,

Other variables that affect the perontokkan is heavy grain, level of maturity, moisture content in grain and rice varieties .. threshing mechanism that separates grain rice to stem mainly consists of a rotating cylinder and hollows. A dealer hitter usually placed in front of the cylinder and the upper end of the lifter From dealer to assist with the ripening grains to the threshing mechanism. Grain will be separated from the stalks or straw through a blower that produces wind. These winds can make a fatherly power can meemisahkan between paid and straw. Rice full contents will be issued under the threshers and hay and grain will be separated from the grain blank filled. Regulators for modifiers speed (rpm) are tailored to the type of rice.

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