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CV. Hinoka Jaya Machinery

Refining Machine
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Specification of

Model: HJM 50 MPY
Pnjang: 2700 mm
Width: 1200 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Capacity: 50-100 Kg / Process
Mover: Burner / Firewood
Fuel: Diesel / Kerosene

refining is a chemical separation method is based on the difference in speed or ease evaporate (volatility) also defined the substance or chemical separation techniques are based on differences in boiling point. In distillation, boiling mixture of substances that evaporate, and the steam is then cooled back into liquid form. Substances which have a lower boiling point will evaporate first. This method is included operating unit type chemical mass transfer. The application of this process is based on the theory that in a solution, each component will evaporate at boiling point. Distillation ideal model based on Raoult's Law and Dalton's Law. Distillation can also be regarded as a component separation process that is intended to separate the solvents and solvent components. Called distillate distillation and the remaining so-called residuals. If the results of distillate is water, it is referred to as aquadestilata (abbreviated distilled water). In a distillation apparatus generally consists of a column or a tray, reboiler (heaters), condenser, reflux drums, pumps, and packed. The principle of this process is the mixture to be separated, included in the distillation apparatus. At the bottom there is a heating appliance that serves to vaporize the mixture. Vapor formed flows up and meet the liquid (distillate) above. Substances low boiling point in the liquid will be evaporated and flows upward, while substances high boilers in the steam will condense back and follow the flow of liquid down.

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