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Machine Oil Filters F-45
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Specification of Machine Oil Filters F-45

Specifications Engine:
Model: HJM 350 Pm
Length: 1000 Mm
Width: 900 Mm
Height: 1200 Mm
Capacity: 150-200 Ltr / Hour
Mover: E.Motor 1,5Hp
Fuel: Electricity

Oil Filters The F-45 has dimensions Length: 1000 Mm, Width: 900 Mm
Height: 1200 Mm and is equipped with a filter paper. Filter paper is paper that has a function to separate the oil and dirt with a size of more than 5 micro. Later, the oil that has been separated by dirt will be pumped back into the frying pan. In one boxnya filter paper containing 50 pieces with the number 1 filter paper usage every 1 time filtering. Oil Filter Machine Small Size is also equipped with a compound which serves to absorb kandugan fatty acids, peroxides and polymer in oil. For every 1 time use of the compound, the number reached 0:09 until 0:12. The quality of food and its appearance will be better if you use this compound and paper filter in the filtration of oil daily. Oil filter The F-45 does not have the capacity, because in use, these machines are used directly on a grill to filter oil from dirt. Power consumption required by the Small Oil Filter Type F-45 reaches 300 watts with a heavy machine that reaches 8.4 kilograms.

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