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CV. Hinoka Jaya Machinery

Stone Crusher Machine
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Specification of

Specifications Engine:
Model: HJM 1575 Pb

Opening Size : 150 x 750 mm
Length: 1380 Mm
Width: 1650 Mm
Height: 1030 Mm
Capacity: 8-24 Ton / Hour
Mover: 15 Kw
Fuel: Electricity

Stone crusher machine tool industry or mining is often used to smooth or grind or crush stone can say fairly large and also marble, aluminum, asphalt, iron, coal, plastics, and so on. This machine is capable of destroying the material having a hard texture that with this machine easier to crush rock tersebut.dan when in view the development of the times, definitely a lot of things given and also on offer from many companies that make these stone-crushing machines.



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