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CV. Hinoka Jaya Machinery

Homomixer Machine
Homomixer Machine
Homomixer Machine
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Specification of

Mixing machine

Machine Made In Japan

The maximum speed of 22,000 r / min (depending on the mixing head) data can be obtained in a wider domainyang, precise data can be obtained for scale-up. using balikyang feed system makes the rotor speed constant despite load variations. compatible with various mixing head (small, batch, continues, vacuum types) equipped with a standard SD Card data logging system (speed, load, temperature) and a temperature sensor

can be used for chemicals EXS, silicone oil, weaks, inks, paints, dyes. for EXS cosmetic lotion, cream, rinse, conditioners. EXS intervena solutions for pharmaceutical, pill coating, film coating, capsule material, for foods EXS ice cream, yogurt, coffee creamer, and for IT EXS ceramic materials, metal materials, electronic materials and metal materials.

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