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Red Brick Makers
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Specification of

Dimensions: 1180 x 850 x 1020 mm
Capacity: 3000 - 4000 Pcs / Day
Performen: 4pcs / print
Matter: Steel Harden
Mover: E.Motor 5.5 Hp
Fuel: Electricity

Red brick molding machine in use is quite easy. Only requires a minimum of three - four manpower to operate this machine. One - two people on duty to enter the land of raw materials into the engine, the power to the cutting process, and the power to haul the bricks that were in print. The workings of the machine sma red brick is quite simple. Prepare raw materials near the engine. Turn on the brick-making machines. Enter a land of raw materials gradually into input funnel. The raw material will be ground, crushed and mixed so evenly mixed. The raw materials of land out of the funnel output in the form of an elongated beam and immediately cut - cut with a cutting tool press. Easier, more practical and faster.

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