Molen Machines HJM 55 TC

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18 Oct 2021
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Specification of Molen Machines HJM 55 TC

Models      : Hjm-55Tc
Length      : 2000Mm
Width        : 1200Mm
Height       : 1100Mm
Capacity    : 0,5 M² / Process
Engine       : Diesel 12 Hp

In the implementation of concrete work has been widely used machine mix concrete or "molen", with this engine the results of the mortar will be mixed more evenly and more perfect. In addition to a good result turns ramming speed is increased and costs stir stir stir cheaper than by human power.

1) Stir Tubes: Tubes stirring vessel in the form of a cylinder with a closed bottom and the top layer truncated conical. At the top end there is a hole mouth tube cone stir to incorporate materials stacking concrete, and to pour the concrete after finished mixed. Stir in the tube there are leaves that helps to mix the ingredients arrangement.
2) Motor: Motor motion which is placed on the machine frame useful in moving the tube stir stir stir tube rotatably.
3) Wheel Molen: so you can easily move Molen
4) Framework: It is the body of the machine is equipped with wheels and a pull rod engine to the engine can be easily transported.
5) Inverting Tube Wheels: Wheels inverting useful to change the position at a time stirring tube filled materials stacking and when to shed the results of slurry.
6) Rod Pull Machine: to facilitate the move Molen.
7) Wheel Key Reversal: This key is useful for locking the wheels inverting tubes toss to be moved to another place. If the machine is not in use to attract, dalamkerangka rod can be inserted into the machine, and when will be used to pull the rod issued / extended.Mesin Pengaduk Beton dan Semen

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